Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Comment Section

When I initially decided to do this blog, I did not intend to allow comments. I spent a significant amount of spare time, over the years, debating individual points with believers defending the historicity of the Book of Mormon. It often devolved into a series of hoops that were set for me to jump through - prove this, prove that, cite this, cite that - that had no apparent point. Often the challenges set for me had little to do with the primary point I was trying to make, yet I felt some sort of obligation to provide the requested material. In response, the material was often ignored. I am not willing to allow this blog to devolve into that type of experience. For that reason, the earlier posts on this blog do not allow comments. Since then, I have decided to allow comments with the understanding that I will not allow myself to engage in the pointless banter of the past, but will respond to meaningful questions that are salient to the issue. However, I cannot reformat the earlier posts to allow comments attached to the specific posts. So my solution is this comment section, which is intended to deal with any points I address on this blog or my website, or to alert me to possible errors. Of course, this is a topic that does not generally attract a wide audience, so there may be no comments at all!

Comments will not post until I review them, which will allow me to delete spam or offensive material.

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